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Domain Expertise that Spurs Sales

Clients are not looking for generic products and services. They are looking for solutions to their business problems. And the nature of these problems varies with the industry  in which they compete.

When it comes to purchasing telecom services, for example, the key selection criteria used by a hospital administrator are different from those considered by the CIO of a brokerage firm.The same applies to virtually every other product or service that is inherently "horizontal" in its applicability.

Some of your most talented sales professionals may acquire this industry knowledge on their own, but most will not. So, it's up to you to arm your sales force with the domain expertise it needs to be successful.

That's where we come in.

KB Communications will perform comprehensive  primary and secondary market research and package the results in a form that sales people can easily understand and immediately utilize. A complete vertical industry  resource that guides them from first call through closing. Actionable market intelligence that seamlessly integrates into your sales processes.

Some of the information we typically provide:
  • Industry segment overviews, including a succinct definition of the business model, organizational structure, primary operating units.

  • Descriptions of the typical sales process. Who the players are, the roles they play, how the budgeting, contracting and proposal processes typically work, etc.

  • Detailed profiles of each influencer and decision-maker, including how they are typically measured, their "pain points," existing and projected needs, and other insights that facilitate a sale.

  • Industry-specific feature/benefit statements that illustrate how your products and services address vertical business needs.

  • Success stories demonstrating how your products and  services have solved business problems for other industry players.

  • Key regulatory issues that may be encountered during the sales. process and how these should be anticipated and addressed.

  • Industry statistics, trends and other market research data.

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