Media Outreach: Don Peebles to Break Ground on Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort
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On August 4th, there will be a landmark groundbreaking of the historic Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort in Miami Beach. This event, which marks the culmination of more than two years of project development to secure public/private financing for the redevelopment of The Royal Palm and The Shorecrest hotels, breaks historic ground on many fronts:

  • Developed by R. Donahue Peebles, President/CEO of the wholly African-American-owned PADC, the resort will be the nation’s first African-American majority-owned, four-star hotel. It is part of a settlement that ended the 3-year black tourism boycott called in ’93 after Miami politicians snubbed South Africa president Nelson Mandela.

  • The $64 million project has evolved into a national model for minority-hotel development. Peebles has promised that up to 50% of the resort’s economic impact will flow into minority communities. A minimum of 25% of the upper level management will be comprised of minorities, and efforts will be made to ensure that at least 50% of the 200+ employees are minority. The hotel will also create significant opportunities for minority contractors and vendors. 

  • The Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort is an innovative example of how a public/private partnership can successfully contribute to the revival of a major downtown area. The final beach-front piece in a major 256-acre tourist area near Miami Beach’s new convention center, the 422-room resort will create much-needed lodging for convention-goers. It will provide a major boost to South Florida’s booming economy and play a vital role in the expansion of Miami’s economic base.

  • Designed by world-renowned architectural firm Arquitectonica, the resort is the first major hotel (other than the nearly Loews Miami Beach) to be built in Miami Beach in more than twenty years. It will blend the firm’s distinctively modernistic Art Deco theme with an elegant restoration of the original hotels’ facades and architectural/design details.

We’d like to invite you to cover the ground breaking and/or interview Don Peebles. This 38-year old entrepreneur, who recently opened a Miami office with his wife/partner Katrina, has an extensive national real estate portfolio (virtually all private/public partnerships) with a total worth of almost $200 million. His strategic plan calls for the development of more than twenty four- and five-star hotels over the next five years. 

Peebles intends to continue forging joint ventures with the nation’s top hotel chains, which are increasingly looking to partner with minority-owned firms to capture a major share of the burgeoning, $35 million minority tourism market. He is also seeking an infusion of $500 million from institutional investors that would bring him 4,000 rooms closer to his goal of building 10,000 rooms nationwide. 

I will call you shortly, or you can contact me at 561/218-9990. 

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