Sample Bylined Articles
From Everest To The Executive Suite
In my career as a sales executive at some of the largest corporations and a Seven Summits mountain climber, I've developed a set of guiding principles that has allowed me to achieve seemingly impossible (more

Baffling the Burglar
With statistics showing residential break-ins up an alarming 19% over the past five years, more and more householders are opting to safeguard their homes with more elaborate security systems. But, as sales  (more)

All in the Family: How Relatives Can Help with Home Buying
Although the national homeownership rate has climbed steadily over the past year, reaching its highest level in almost 15 years, affordability still remains a major barrier for millions of Americans. Many (more)

Banks and Electric Utilities: Two Dissimilar Industries?
An outsider might not see much similarity between the electric utility industry and the banking industry. After all, banks generate debits and credits, while utilities generate kilowatts. However, the two  (more)

Buying a Home: The Importance of the Pre-Purchase Inspection
For most people, purchasing a home is their single biggest lifetime investment. Yet, many buyers still base their purchase decision primarily on a home’s location, style, and amenities, rather than on an  (more)

Freddie Mac Leverages New Tools and Technology
The mortgage industry has been called a dinosaur risking extinction in a rapidly changing, increasingly technological world. Many housing leaders would strongly disagree, noting that America has the best   (more)

Lowering Closing Costs for Home Buyers
Buying a house involves a host of additional costs beyond the home's purchase price. A number of those fees and charges are payable during the settlement or closing, process, the formal transaction by  (more)

Owning a Home with an Unmarried Partner
Owning a home may be the fulfillment of the American Dream, but a single misstep in buying one can turn the experience into a nightmare. To protect and maximize what may be the biggest investment of   (more)

Activist Focusing on Palm Beach's Uninsured
On his 50th birthday, Paul Gionfriddo ran his first marathon as "my midlife present to myself." This was a typical undertaking for a man who has raced from one challenge to another since his undergraduate  (more)

Remote Banking: Let's Get It Right This Time
Twenty years ago, electronic banking visionaries proclaimed the advent of the "cashless society." But today, 20 years later, our industry is still endeavoring to achieve that goal -- working to eliminate checks   (more)

Innovative Anti-Fraud Unit Makes a Splash
When the South Florida Health Care Fraud Center was launched five years ago, it was lauded as the first effort of its kind – a prototype
federal-state public partnership that would put prosecutors on the cutting edge of law enforcement. A collaboration between the (more)

Iraq Veteran Takes Command of Miami Surgery Center
Striding purposefully, radiating a calmness that borders on serene, a smiling Noel Christian Pace enters the waiting room of South Florida Surgery Center. It’s easy to envision him in his other life, the one where he oversaw combat medical operations and evacuation support (more)