Sample Case Studies
Visa USA: Building Market Share in a Volatile Industry
In an ultra-competitive industry dominated by market leader American Express, we waged an aggressive, multi-faceted marketing campaign that strengthened Visa's leadership position in the highly  (more)

Boyle Transportation Keeps On Trucking With JAMl
T.F. Boyle Transportation has established an excellent reputation for safety, security, and service that is essential to success in the highly competitive, hazardous materials transportation industry.  (more)

JYACC Helps CompuServe Deliver Database Marketing System
Database technology and the proliferation of media aimed at specific market segments are driving a revolution in the way companies market their products. Analysts estimate, for example, that a newspaper  (more)

Data Code Sold on JYACC
Facing mounting competitive pressures, large companies are aggressively leveraging computer technology to improve the ways in which they produce and deliver goods and services to the  (more)

Datalogix Builds GEMMS with JAM
Based in Valhalla, New York, Datalogix International is the originator and open systems market leader in business software for the process or formula-based manufacturing industry. Process enterprise  (more)

JAM Finds A Home In The House
Even at the most rarefied reaches of corporate management, successful executives know that a seat on the board is only as secure as the shareholder goodwill it rests upon. This is doubly true for  (more)

ISM Builds Shun Tak Ferry System with JAM
Every day, over 40,000 people board jetfoils, helicopters, and high speed ferries on a pilgrimage from the bustling commercial centers of Hong Kong across the Pearl River estuary to  (more)

United Nations Eyes Cyclope SA for JAM Development
In the aftermath of the 1992 Gulf War, the restoration of peace will not be complete for the estimated 11/2-2 million victims of the hostilities until they receive compensation for  (more)  

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