Communications Services
Some of us can remember when telephones were big black clunky things and the Internet was something only geeks and Unix programmers could understand. Today, voice and data networks are converging to create entirely new modes of communication, from text messaging to wireless broadband. We know how to help service providers communicate the benefits for consumers and businesses. Connect with some examples of our work. below

Press Releases and Media Outreach

Recent rules and requirements mandated by the FCC to open local telephone markets are based on erroneous  (more)

Letter to the Editor of  Business Week
The March 31, 1997 issue of Business Week includes an article by Robert Kuttner that promotes the conventional -- but   (more)

Anniversary of the Telecom Act Letter
In the year since the 1996 Telecom Act took effect, many see little change in the competitive landscape of the telecommunications marketplace and few -- if any -- of the promised benefits    (more)

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