Financial Services

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, banks, investment firms and insurance companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Yet, their success is critical to our economic future. Below, view examples of financial services companies that have profited from our experience.

Bylined Articles and Case Studies

Freddie Mac Leverages New Tools and Technology
The mortgage industry has been called a dinosaur risking extinction in a rapidly changing, increasingly technological world. Many housing leaders would strongly disagree, noting  (more)

In their increasingly competitive quest to cultivate greater customer loyalty and support, companies are collecting a wealth of personal information about their customers to develop (more)

Press Releases and Media Outreach

With the public spotlight focused on the monumental changes now  transforming the medical managed care industry, relatively little attention has been paid to such “adjunct” areas as  (more)
High-technology start-ups and venture capital may be the last things Florida brings to mind at this particular moment in our nation's history. The sunshine state -- long known as the  (more)

Speeches and Presentations

Banks and Electric Utilities: Two Dissimilar Industries?
An outsider might not see much similarity between the electric utility industry and the banking industry. After all, banks generate debits and credits, while utilities generate kilowatts.  (more)

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