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The End of the Thermostat Wars
Oh, those thermostat wars… They’ve flared up in offices and homes throughout America since the advent of central heating and air conditioning. The seasonal struggle between the “hots” and...  (more)

New Technologies Transform the Workplace
A revolution is quietly transforming the office environment as technologies originally developed for online gaming, sound-masking headphones and voice-privacy are finding their way into office....  (more)

Susan Ershler Keynote Speech at NAWBO Event
For most of us, the song “Climb Every Mountain” is a tuneful—if slightly bathetic—ode to the power of perseverance. For Susan Ershler, it could serve as both mission statement and theme song. In a 10-year... (more)

CIGNA Aligns Three Businesses into $2 Billion Division
With the public spotlight focused on the monumental changes now  transforming the medical managed care industry, relatively little attention has been paid to such “adjunct” areas as mental health, dental,   (more)

High-technology start-ups and venture capital may be the last things Florida brings to mind at this particular moment in our nation's history. The sunshine state -- long known as the land of gators,   (more)

As the private sector struggles to find new ways of delivering more economical health care, millions of dollars are being inadvertently squandered each year. The reason?  Many of today’s leading drug (more)

Ode to Holiday Shopping by
'Twas the month before Christmas and all through the nation
Gift shoppers were facing a grim situation  (more)

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