Real Estate Development
Whether you develop and manage commercial properties or help consumers achieve the American dream of home ownership, we can construct a program that you'll appreciate and value. View some examples below.


New Growth, New Promise for Downtown Phoenix
For nearly two decades, we've heard confident predictions that downtown Phoenix was on the brink of a crucial "tipping point," when public investment would no longer be needed to generate new development that was both vigorous and... (more)


Although the national homeownership rate has climbed steadily over the past year, reaching its highest level in almost 15 years, affordability still remains a major barrier for millions of  (more)

Lowering Closing Costs for Home Buyers
Buying a house involves a host of additional costs beyond the home's purchase price. A number of those fees and charges are payable during the settlement or closing, process... (more)

Owning a Home with an Unmarried Partner
Owning a home may be the fulfillment of the American Dream, but a single misstep in buying one can turn the experience into a nightmare. To protect and maximize what may be... (more)

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Clint Eastwood Launches Sustainable Community
When Clint Eastwood utters this four-letter word, people stop and listen. That word isn’t “%&@)&*%!” - one of the many signature expressions of renegade cop Dirty Harry (“Make my day")  (more)

Don Peebles to Break Ground on Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort
On August 4th, there will be a landmark groundbreaking of the historic Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort in Miami Beach. This event, which marks the culmination of more than two  (more)

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